Bible Study - Proverbs

Lesson 1 - How did you get so smart?
OPENING QUESTION: June is talking about her granddaughter. She says, "I can't 
believe how well Amy does at school. Everyone says that she is the smartest girl 
around. I think she owes it all to me because I read to her when she was little."
What is June doing here? _________________________________________
What may be some other reasons for the granddaughter being so smart?
According to the first chapter in Proverbs, Proverbs was 
written to give prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the young and also to help wise men listen 
and add to their learning . . The book has frequent 
references to my son, so it is 
especially meant for young people, but older people can benefit, too. Proverbs is 
written in poetry form by Solomon because they help the student to remember them
better. It does not mention much about God's plan of salvation, but rather it talks about
how the redeemed person is supposed to live as God's child.
According to 1 Kings 3:10-13, how did Solomon become so wise? ________________
Even though he was wise, what dumb thing did Solomon do? See 1 Kings 11:3-6.
Why was this a dumb thing to do? ________________________________________
Solomon wrote Proverbs to help people, young and old, to become wise. According to
him, what are some ways for someone to become wise?
Prov. 1:7 ___________________________________________________________
Prov. 1:8-9 ___________________________________________________________
Prov. 2:1-2 ___________________________________________________________
Prov. 3:11-12 _________________________________________________________
Prov. 9:9 ____________________________________________________________
a. What do you think about these ways of becoming wise? ___________________
b. What do people of the world say is the best way to become wise?_____________
How does this compare to what Solomon says here?_________________________
c. What are some ways we Christians can do today to become wise?_____________
When we think about God's wisdom, we think usually about God's wise plan of sal-
vation through Jesus Christ. And this was a wise plan! However, the purpose of 
Proverbs is to show that God's wisdom is applicable to everyday life and that God
can guide us with practical matters as well as His wise plan of salvation. Read the
following proverbs, and tell how they would be helpful in our daily life. For example,
Proverbs 13:3: He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin . . gives us practical advice about our conversations.
Prov. 13:10 _______________________________________________
Prov. 14:14 _______________________________________________
Prov. 15:16 _______________________________________________
Prov. 16:3 ________________________________________________
Prov. 16:11 _______________________________________________
In the next 4 lessons, we will consider God's practical advice how to be healthy,
wealthy, and wise!!
Lesson 2 - Be Healthy and Live Long!
OPENING QUESTION: John Harris, age 100, is having his birthday party. Even the 
press is covering the event. Someone asks him, To what do you attribute your life
life? John smiles at him and says, Cleaning living. What may be some other rea-
sons for his long life?
PROVERBS - So You Want to Live Long. 
Keep in mind that many people of the time didn't live much longer than 50 or 60. 
But Solomon here speaks in Proverbs about living for a long time. Read the verses 
and tell what someone should remember about living the long life.
Prov. 16:31 ________________________________________________
Prov. 17:6 _________________________________________________
Prov. 20:29 ________________________________________________
Prpv. 22:6 _________________________________________________
a. Note that Solomon says that old age is a blessing. How does that compare with the view of old age today? ______________________________________________
b. How would you account for the difference? _______________________________
c. What does Solomon say to someone who is alive for a long time. It is just his 
clean living? ___________ Why? ______________________________________
Read the following Proverbs and tell what Solomon says about how to have a long life
Prov. 3:1-2 ______________________________________________________
Prov. 4:10 _______________________________________________________
Prov. 10:27 ______________________________________________________
Prov. 13:3 _______________________________________________________
Prov. 22:4 _______________________________________________________
a. In general, what does Solomon say about living for a long time? _______________
b. Note that the Bible is usually holistic about health. Both testaments state that faith and God's love can affect our physical lives. What does Solomon say here about a faithful Christian having a long life? _______________________________________
c. And yet, we should be very careful not to say that if a person doesn't live too long, 
he or she is evil person. What does Psalms say about this in Psalm 90:12-14? 
___________________________________ According to this Psalm, how should 
we regard the days of our lives? __________________________________________
d. If Solomon were to design a health program, what are some things, such as 
exercise, would he include in his program? 
Why are these things important for us as Christians? _________________________
What could we do be at as Christians to improve our health as Solomon sees it?